I work with leaders and teams in leadership transformation; building leadership confidence and boosting leadership capability.


Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to leadership development?

“The field of leadership development has over-attended
to leadership and under-attended to development…..”

Immunity to Change, Robert Kegan and Lisa L Lahey

Google the definition of leadership development and you’ll come up with literally millions and millions of options to grow leadership skills and capability. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel confused about how to access quality development – not simply skills training that lacks context, relevancy and depth.

Leadership development is about intentionally growing an individual’s mindsets, self awareness and ability to recognise the impact they make through exploration of their deeply held beliefs, values, motivations, preferences and internal operating systems. All of this informs the way they show up as a leader.

And that’s why we start with the individual.

Leadership Coaching

Our stories and beliefs about leadership inform the way we show up – and the behaviour that follows has a ripple effect on the people around us, the organisations we work in, and the larger society.  

As a certified and qualified leadership and organisational coach, I support leaders in understanding what’s driving their leadership, the relationship to the challenges they are experiencing, and the strategies to allow a positive leadership impact. 

We explore the internal operating system that allows for leadership effectiveness.

Coaching packages start with a minimum of 6 sessions over a 4-6 month engagement period to ensure progress and momentum. All coaching engagements start with a leadership assessment (360-degree for senior leaders and executives, or 180-degree for emerging leaders) to support the coaching process and move beyond simple leadership training to deeper, more transformative development.

Coaching can be self funded or sponsored.

Leadership Assessment

Leadership assessment undertaken with a comprehensive, research-backed tool like the Leadership Circle Profile provides your organisation with data-informed insights into the leadership capability of your team.

Assessed through 360- or 180-degree inputs, assessment outcomes give you a complete picture of the strengths, developmental opportunities, and risk areas in your leadership cohort, an assessment, a leadership competency framework, and a development planning tool.

Undertaking assessment can provide many benefits, including:

  • enhanced team effectiveness, communication and collaboration
  • identifying, developing, and retaining effective leaders 
  • fostering a positive team culture through more effective leadership 
  • providing a focus for financial investment on relevant capability gaps
  • measuring effectiveness of development efforts
  • reducing risks of misalignment with organisational strategy and goals
  • mitigating risks associated with leadership gaps, succession challenges, and talent shortages

Leadership Development for your Team

Leadership matters; organisations cannot perform at a higher level than the effectiveness of their leaders.

Mastering Leadership, Robert L Anderson

Collective leadership is a collaborative approach to leadership where individuals work together towards a common purpose, leveraging their diverse strengths and perspectives to navigate change, problem-solve, and drive organisational success. With a focus on shared responsibility, inclusivity, and mutual accountability, collective leadership looks to foster a culture of teamwork, trust, and empowerment within the organisation.

Here are some of the focus areas we can work on as a leadership team:

  • Collective leadership assessment & discovery sessions
  • Retreat facilitation & group coaching
  • Reconnecting the team after change, restructure or upheaval
  • Team Charters & Ways of Working Sessions
  • Collective Strengths Mapping
  • Emotionally Led Leadership
  • Personal Leadership Brand Sessions (suited to Emerging Leaders)
  • Creative planning & problem-solving through Lego Serious Play
  • Leveraging Stakeholders Sessions
  • Change Leadership Workshops
Lorissa Garcia is facilitating an Emotional Culture Deck workshop

Culture Crafting

There is a beautiful intersection where leadership and culture meet, where the actions of a leadership team can engage and empower their respective teams. 

Through our bespoke culture programs at Assembly Culture, we lead your leadership team through a process of diagnosing, mapping, and co-creating a framework for a more engaging, collaborative, and productive culture. Grounded in cognitive psychology, adult development theory, and emotional intelligence philosophies, your leadership team will leverage the organisational strategy to put in motion action-based rituals, habits, and practices to shift a culture forward.  

To find out more information about working with Lorissa and her culture brand, zip on over and check out Assembly Culture.