Team Intimacy

by | Mar 10, 2022

I’ve been engaged to run three workshops in March for 3 different organisation’s teams. (All in the same week mind you!)

Interestingly, I am seeing some re-occurring themes coming up-collaboration, team unity, trust, psychological safety, genuine support for others, empathy and our impact to others, respect for differences, high performance and effectiveness, clear communications, meaningful work in great teams.

I’ve summarised these themes into what I am calling Team Intimacy. Intimacy isn’t a word you hear often in a workplace context, but I think it brings together all these challenges of working as part of an effective and optimistic (and often hybrid) team.

I believe we need to be working in teams with clear shared values and understanding of the expectations, where it’s safe to speak up and out, where we understand what people feel from an emotional perspective-and can support that, where we embrace differences and diversity-and find ways to make them come to life in a way that’s inclusive for everyone.

Where we have each other’s back, always.

These are the books I am using for research;

  • Insight, Dr Tasha Eurich
  • Permission to Feel, Dr Marc Brackett
  • Reboot, Jerry Colonna
  • Radical Candor, Kim Scott
  • Atomic Habits.

What’s your perspective on ‘’Team Intimacy’?

And what other books or resources might you recommend?


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My enthusiasm is underpinned by education.

I have a Master’s degree in Business Administration; Leadership and Innovation, qualifications and certifications as a business coach, Leadership Circle Profile certified, Gallup trained as a CliftonStrengths coach, Certified in Emotional Culture and hold plenty of real-life experience to accompany my studies.

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