To be a better leader, you have to ask better questions…

by | Apr 1, 2022

What would happen if instead of being expected to bring the answers, Leaders had better questions?

I’ve worked alot with leaders and emerging leaders over the past 15+ years and something I’ve noticed is leaders bringing the answers to the table.

What would happen if instead of bringing the answers, leaders practised asking better questions.

Questions that uncover different ways of thinking, discovering what the team members in the organisation want and need, visualising better scenario planning, and of imagining a different future despite levels of uncertainty.

Yes-there are times when you need to bring an answer, but other times, I encourage people to play coach and facilitator to draw out the challenges. To say, ‘I don’t know, what do you think’. And know that this is ok.

As leaders, we need to take off our expert hats and approach our initiatives instead with curiosity and an openness to something completely different to our own solutions.

Because the answers are usually in the room.

In need of some better questions to help your team use their initiative and be open and curious?

Let’s chat – DM me on any of my socials, email [email protected] to organise a ZOOM call or give me a buzz, old school style on 0417 175 526.


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