My Personal Principle on LinkedIn

by | Aug 22, 2018

I have a personal principle on LinkedIn, and some agree. Others, well-not so much.

I believe the purpose of LinkedIn is for connections, NOT contacts. I can confidently say that 99.5% of my connections are just that. People I know, have met, worked with, some I have spoken to at a networking event, conference or in a learning environment, through email exchanges (yes-plural), Slack exchanges online or through personal circumstances.

They are people I have made a ‘connection’ with-in it’s true form, through authenticity, meaningful conversation, showing vulnerability and honesty. I believe this is called intimacy, professional intimacy. And I am all for that.

The other 0.5%? They are connections I haven’t yet strengthened, friends I haven’t yet met, but we have common interests, and at least 1 exchange. We are building ‘intimacy’.

I believe that the purpose of LinkedIn in it’s truest form is to make connections that you know and are able to refer on or make introductions to your other connections. How, I ask, are you supposed to do this with integrity if you don’t know them?

So, if you are seeing this article, thanks for stopping by to say hello! Reach out for a conversation if you feel a connection would be beneficial. And if you are part of that 0.5%, let’s connect again to strengthen that relationship.


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