Leaders – It’s time to regain faith in your team’s capability

by | Mar 16, 2022

I’ve been doing some coaching and facilitation work with leaders around the stages of COVID-19 and how leadership styles have changed, and continue to evolve.

Those leaders with high levels of empathy and self awareness of their own experiences have been able to lead their teams through the fog, stopping often to check in, demonstrate consistency, show trust and act with people at the heart.

Other leaders have been clinging onto the ‘crisis’ stage, holding tightly to decision making and taking on a more directive leadership style. At some stage, the ’emergency’ part of the crisis had passed, but they haven’t yet adjusted their style to suit.

What I’ve noticed is these leaders are now dealing with a mild case of ‘learned helplessness’ in their teams…. the autonomy and trust in their team members was taken away and their team are feeling as though their contribution is futile. That their efforts won’t make any impact. They’ve stepped back, become disengaged and are in a holding pattern waiting for the leader to step in and solve the problems.

The high alert ‘fire fighting’ has subsided for most, so perhaps now is the time to consider handing back the reigns, rebuild the trust, and have faith in the capability.

If you are recognising yourself a little in this article, maybe it’s time to give back the empowerment for your team to get on and do what they do best.

In need of some help moving between stages and giving back the empowerment to your team? Let’s chat – DM me on any of my socials, email [email protected] to organise a ZOOM call or give me a buzz, old school style on 0417 175 526.


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